Tenjin Matsuri

天神祭(Tenjin Matsuri)

The Tenjin Matsuri Festiva(Tenjin Festival , Tenjin , Tenjin Matsuri) of Osaka is one of Japan’s three major festivals the Gion Matsuri of Kyoto and the Kanda Matsuri of Tokyo.
Also Tenjin Festival is one of the Osaka three major summer festival.
The festival is the summer of Osaka city festival to visit as many as 1.3 million people every year.
Tenjin Matsuri will be held around Osaka Tenmangu Shrine on July 24(yomiya) and July 25(honmiya) every year.
This period,Tenjin Matsuri Gal Mikoshi and Fireworks and else event liven up the festival.

The center of the festival is the God of learning Sugawara Michizane, public that has been enshrined in the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.
In order to have a look at the Osaka city’s prosperity in Sugawara , to cruise the city.
The main celebration is Rikutogyo and Funatogyo on July 25.

Especially Funatogyo begins before more than a thousand years ago, has come the old history with Osaka city.
This festival with the support of many people has been continued until today.



Many of the organization called ” Kosha ” will create a matrix around the Tenmangu in the afternoon of July 25.
This matrix is called ” Togyo “.
Togyo means that God is coming out of the Osaka Tenmangu Shrine.
Tenjin Matsuri has two Togyo of ” rikutogyo” and ” Funatogyo”.
Rikutogyo will start to 15:30 July 25 from Osaka Tenmangu around the shrines that were transferred to this God.
Matrix of about a total of three thousand people will matrix wearing a colorful costume around the Osaka City Hall.
When the Rikutogyo ends it is the start of Funatogyo.



100 ships of the houseboat are come and go many times the Okawa River in the center of the ship that God rode on the night of July 25.
Rikutogyo’s people and ordinary person ride on the ship,they liven up the Okawa River.
That time is about 3 hour(18:00-21:00).
Halfway,carrying out the prayer ” Senjosai(水上祭) ” on the ship that God rode.



Fireworks go up in Okawa River in the midst of Funatogyo.
It is the fireworks that get a look to God.
Fireworks to be launched the Okawa from scissors two places , it’s 3000 rounds or more.
Tenjin Matsuri is the time zone that rises to fever pitch.

Tenjin Matsuri Gal Mikoshi

天神祭ギャルみこし(Tenjin Matsuri Gal Mikoshi)

” Tenjin Matsuri Gal Mikoshi ” is parading ebulliently the ” Tenjinbashi shopping street(天神橋筋商店街) ” on July 23 every year.
Women is chosen to shoulder the portable shrine,they will parade the Tenjinbashi shopping street toward the Osaka Tenmangu.
Tenjin Gal Mikoshi is famous as the event to beautify the Tenjin matsuri.

Tenjin matsuri Map

Tenjin matsuri Schedule

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